Civil Testing

We take pleasure in introducing our organization viz. TOHAMA FOR ENGINEERING INSPECTION a center for Civil Engineering Services, includes NDT Divn. and a fully equipped Building Material Testing Laboratory (Digital & Computerised) centrally located at BASRA & its allied site laboratories in majnoon Oil Field. TEIC is fully geared for fast track construction agencies, where reliable, accurate, and quick delivery of test results. The Laboratory has all the facilities to conduct the tests on all types of building materials, as per relevant ASTM, BS EN, BS codes with reasonable testing charges. TEIC is professionally equipped and capable of undertaking Non Destructive Tests, Structural evaluation, Schemes of Restoration & Rehabilitation and rendering its Consultancy and Advisory services for all types of RCC & PSC structures, Tohama have joint venture for Consultancy and Engineering requirements which is directly dealt by University of Basra, Engineering Consulting Bureau. TEIC Testing Laboratory & NDT Divn. both is in way for being applying ISO 9001 Accredited and soon Tohama will look into International certifications too

Laboratory Test

blog-single Testing of all Building Materials like Cement, Aggregates, Concrete Mix Ingredients etc. Soil Test wrt Classification, Waterberg Limits, Physical & Chemical Analysis of Soil etc. Concrete Design Mix with Normal /Accelerated Curing Non-Destructive Testing of R.C. Structures Structural Evaluation of R.C Structures Consultancy & Advisory Services with JV of ECB, UoB Quality Audit / Assessment of Concrete Structures Dissemination of Technical Knowledge

NDT for deep foundation

blog-single Pile Integrity testing as Per ASTM D 5882Low Strain Integrity Test with Cross Hole as per ASTM D6760-08High Strain Dynamic Test as Per ASTMD4945-08, including Static Pile Load Test like Compression, Lateral & Pull out/Tension as per ASTM D1143-07, ASTM D3689-07 & ASTM D3966-07.Schmidt Hammer Test Analysis with Ultra Sonic and Destructive On Site Sampling of Concrete.

Our Products & Services

The highly equipped computerized & digital laboratory has got all the facilities to conduct both Physical & Chemical tests on all types of building materials, as per relevant ASTM/BS EN Standard Code of practice.
1. Tests on Steel
- Physical tests on Reinforcing steel : Tensile, Bend & Rebend
- Tensile & Bend tests on Structural steel sections
- Tensile Tests on Spliced/Coupler/Welded Joints
- Chemical analysis on all above steel specimens like Carbon, Sulphur, & Phosphorous

2. Concrete Mix Design Concrete Mix Design for various grades, to ensure strength and durability as per the client’s requirements
- Design Mix on all grades of concrete (C10 to C70) are undertaken for both Normal and Accelerated Curing Tests (ACT) Method.
- Accelerated Curing Tests (ACT) – for Concrete Mix Design are undertaken to estimate equivalent 28 days strength. ACT-Mix Design Reports will be submitted within 4 days.

3. Tests on Compressive Strength
- Concrete Cubes, Bricks, All Types of Hollow & Solid blocks, Pavers, Cover Blocks, Concrete Cores & Mortar cubes.
- Accelerated curing test ( ACT) are also undertaken on concrete cubes supplied by the client and test reports for 28 days equivalent cube strength will be furnished on the same day.

4. Tests on Coarse & Fine Aggregates Physical & Chemical Properties on all sizes of Aggts. 5. Tests on Cement
- Physical & Chemical Properties of all types of cement
- Physical properties of Fly Ash
- Estimation of Cement : Sand ratio in Cement mortar samples

6. Test Facilities Includes
- Test on Flexural strength on concrete beams  Lab. tests on Soil sample
- Water for construction purpose
- Admixture — Physical tests
- Aluminium — Coating Thickness & Section weight & Dimension tests
- All types of Tiles, Marbles & Granites

7. Non – Destructive tests (NDT) are essentially required for all types of ongoing projects and old/existing structures to assess the following.
- Quality and Integrity Assessment of concrete members for all types of structures.
- Investigation, Assessment and Rehabilitation of Distressed, Corrosionaffected and Fire- affected structures
- Assessment of corrosion activity in embedded reinforcement and evaluation of electrochemical parameters of concrete.
- Determination of in-situ strength of concrete.

8. The following NDT facilities are available for client needs
- Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Test
- Rebound Hammer Test
- Core extraction Test


blog-single TOHAMA is BASRA Pioneering Company committed to provide quality testing services to the pile foundation and construction industry using latest Pile Driving Analyzers, Pile Integrity Testers & NDT equipments. We take credit for introducing Cross Hole Sonic Logging equipment in Piling Works with Shell in Majnoon Oil Field, CAPWAP analysis and for popularizing high strain dynamic pile testing (HSDPT), low strain integrity testing (also called LSIT, PIT, PET) in the southern regions of Iraq. Today this technology has been used by us on a variety of projects of Shell, Basra Gas, Samsung, Port Trusts, Highway projects and real estate sector. TOHAMA owns an array of Pile Driving Analyzers (PDA) and Pile Integrity Testers (PIT) located IN our offices or nearby testing job locations. Cross Hole Analyzer (Cross Hole Sonic Logging) Tests and other exclusive testing services like CAPWAP, GRLWEAP, Independent analysis for other testing or client companies are offered through our Head Office at Basra.